Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home Goods Hunting

I think Marc might have been bit by some kind of super amazing bug while he was sleeping Saturday night cause when we woke up on Sunday he announced that we would go to six Home Goods stores. I hesitated because I felt for our kids. I knew they would hate the idea of going to all of these stores, but I quickly got over it and decided I would just offer them ice cream which totally worked.

We have a HG store about 20 minutes from our house but it sucks and so we decided to skip that one. We went straight to the Baltimore area to explore what the ones there had to offer.

We were mainly on a hunt for a rug. We need one badly for our living room.  Here are some of the ones that jumped out at me.

I love the print on this first rug. Its super graphic! Looks so much like tile. Unfortunately, it was 5x8 and I was looking for something no smaller than 8x10.

These two rugs are amazing! They are ultra soft and so on trend. But that is exactly what had me hesitating. I feel like I've been seeing these rugs EVERYWHERE. And although they are lovely, will I still love them a year from now? I think not. Marc loved them because of how plush they are. But mostly because they were Made In Belgium.


I might not love them a year from now, but boy do they look good! Instant gratification! 


I liked this striped rug although it was very masculine looking. 

I don't know what, but there is just something about how a striped rug makes a room look....

We also focused our attention on the variety of chairs available at Home Goods. We didn't really plan on it but basically couldn't help ourselves. The variety of different styles of everything they offer just keeps you jumping from department to department. Marc and I get pretty excited about everything. Mostly because we are constantly on the lookout for things that will appeal to us both, being that our styles are so different from one another. 

I loved this ghost chair.  I actually sat in it and thought it was not too uncomfortable. It felt nice to finally see one in person (I'd only seen them online). It was like running into a celebrity you really like and then sitting on him. Cause you always wanted to know what if felt like. Awkward yes, but so satisfying!

Also, who knew Jared had such good taste?! He loved this chaise and made me take a picture of him sitting in it. I think all of this decor fever is rubbing off on him. 

The next chair is one that I am still thinking about. I fell in love with it. It had perfect lines, the fabric was fabulous and most importantly, it was comfortable. They didn't have a pair though and it was totally out of budget for us.

All in all we had fun. Some stores were better than others. But it was a crazy adventure. The kids did really well too. They used the rug area as a maze and were able to play well while Marc and I discussed what we envisioned for the house. This is how our trunk looked at they end of the day.

SO lots to share!!!! 


  1. Love Home Goods!!! and i love your taste :)


  2. Can't wait too see what you do with it all!! Love and miss you all!!

  3. 6 Homegoods?!! Can't wait to see what you do.