Thursday, May 30, 2013

Changes In The Family Room

I've been thinking about the kinds of posts I've shared on here lately. They've all been kinda like a peek into my daydreaming of what I want my house to look like. So I had the thought that most of you might think that I am probably living in an empty house. The truth is most rooms are furnished. They are all at some stage of unfinished waiting for that one (or ten) thing(s) that will bring it all together.

There is one room in the house that is about 90% there. Its the room we spend the most time in each day, it's our family room. I don't have a picture of how it looked empty but I do have a picture of the set up when we first moved in and decorated it with what we had at hand. I don't think the before is ugly. I actually think it's kinda nice. Except for the too short curtains and the color on the walls.

This is what the room looks like now.

We decided not to have a coffee table cause this rug is basically a landing strip for the kids. We read books, play board games, watch TV, do martial arts and cartwheels... No food allowed though!
I think the biggest change in the room was the wall color. It brightened things up so much! 


I'm so excited about having started my gallery wall. I've talked about my love for gallery walls before here and here. But the truth is I always ended up shying away from it because I felt like it would somehow create visual clutter. But putting things up that have special meaning to us was great. We plan on adding more    pictures to the mix, we eventually want to fill the whole wall. 

The gutsiest change in the room has to be the fireplace. We were nervous about this one, but we did it anyway and don't regret it one bit. Here's a look at it what it looked like before. 

and here is how it looks now

It still amazes me how paint can change the mood in a room. I've had lots of fun with the fireplace changing things up almost on a weekly basis. Here is one of my favorite images. Taken around Valentines day. 

The other side of the room leads out to our yard. 

I promise this side of the room is not as dark as it looks in this picture. 
It is, however, very hard to photograph. 

I need to give this side of the room a little more love. I feel like it needs a bit more personality. And I need it to feel a little less cluttered than it does right now. This is where we store our books for kids so that they are at an arms reach. I also printed some of  our favorite Instagram pictures and posted them on this framed cork board that I found at the Salvation Army for like $7. I feel like the cork weighs down this side of the room. I'm thinking of maybe painting it, maybe like this? 

(via Pinterest)

Other than the little tweaks I want to do in this room I am very satisfied with how it's turned out. It feels nice to have at least one room in the house that is mostly finished. And it's nice that it's the room we spend the most time in. Makes it much easier to kick back and enjoy at the end of the day. And if there is something I am good at is kicking back and enjoying. 

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  1. Oh yes, the fireplace looks better. I think it's a good idea to paint the cork board too, it will add some depth....very nice room!