Thursday, January 2, 2014

Master Bath Chronicles Part 1

As I write this Marc is working on our master bathroom shower. This will be a sllloooowww moving remodel. Mostly because Marc is on his own doing all of the work. And he can only work on it on weekends. He decided to demo and tile the shower first. He's been working on it since right after Christmas.

I've been pinning away on Pinterest for months, mostly to give him a glimpse of what I want for the bathroom. I am the designer, he is my contractor.... but he is a contractor with an opinion. And so we have to agree on all of the finishes. I was surprised that we ended up liking a lot of the same tile and paint color ideas for the bathroom. We both made a few compromises. So we are hoping everything will turn out to something we both love.  Here are the choices we have made so far for tile in the shower.

For the shower area I really wanted subway tile. Marc wasn't too keen on the idea, but then he saw this beveled subway tile and he was all over it. I loved it too! We also want a little bit of an accent to break up all of the subway tile. We both agreed on this mosaic which pulls in all of the colors we are using in the bathroom. And to the far left at the bottom of the image you can see rocks. I like the dark color but I am not convinced that it is the best choice for the bathroom. Marc really likes it and it's the biggest compromise I've made so far. So we will see once everything starts coming together if it will work or not.

My Kitchens and Bathrooms board on Pinterest is full of inspiration for our master. Here are a few of my favorite pins:

 Say YES to dark grout!

Unfortunately our bathroom is too small for dark walls, but one can dream right?! 

I would have been sooooo happy with the floor in this image but it was a no go with Marc and our budget would not have allowed it. But I have been obsessed with this type of tile since I visited some colonial homes in the Dominican Republic this past summer. Instead we went with something like this floor.

I would kiss Marc forever if he would agree to laying the tile in a chevron pattern like this.

or this...

So yes, we hope to start tiling sometime today or tomorrow. And although I hate having to post an ugly picture after all the eye candy in the images above. I just can't post about our bathroom without giving you a glimpse of how the shower is looking right now. So here it goes.

Check out my mans skills.... plumbing, waterproofing, cute butt! What else can you ask for in a man?! I'll kiss him forever with or without that chevron floor pattern.

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  1. OMG!!! We are working on the same project here but we are ahead of you guys. I needed to compromised in a lot of things. Elvis has been working on his own and I feel sorry for him, it's a lot of work. Can't wait to see your pictures. I'll show you ours soon! Besitos